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Handmade & Bespoke Collection

Both our working-jeweller, Steve, and his apprentice Sam, enjoy creating unique pieces of handmade jewellery, each in their own styles. Together they have a range of special, one-off pieces available showcasing their talents. If you want a truly individual piece of jewellery then you’re sure to find one at Frearsons.

Also available is a bespoke jewellery service. With 40 years of experience, Steve is the perfect choice to help your dreams come to reality. Call in for a consultation and Steve can work with you to help turn your ideas into an original, unique piece of jewellery. We can work within your budget to create the item that is absolutely right for you or your loved one. Our wealth of experience, expertise and advice can guide you through the process to produce a piece of jewellery that will perfectly capture that special moment in your life.