Frearsons was established in the market town of Belper, Derbyshire in 1954.

The shop was run by the Frearson Family for many years, focusing on giftware, stationery and toys, the shop was a continued success. In 2007 the Frearsons decided to sell the business, Steve had a long-standing relationship with the business already, having been completing jewellery repairs for them for 14 years, and so it was offered to him, leading to it being taken over by the Silverman family, headed by Steve and his wife, Maxine.

Frearsons is still a family run business, now with a second generation of Silvermans coming into the business.

With both Steve’s experience as a working jeweller and Maxine’s experience in managing jewellery stores, they have taken Frearsons in a new direction focusing on high-quality jewellery and giftware sourcing from British Companies and British made items wherever possible. Frearsons is still a family run business, now with a second generation of Silverman’s coming into the business with Sam, following in Steve’s footsteps with an interest and passion for hand-crafting pieces of jewellery and a great working knowledge of watches, and Rosie, coming in to focus on a management role as well as expanding the pre-owned and antique jewellery ranges.

Meet The Team
Maxine Silverman Frearsons Jewellers Belper

Maxine Silverman (RJ.Dip)

Maxine has over 30 years’ experience working in and managing stores for some of the UK's largest jewellery chains. At age fifteen Maxine left school and went straight to work in an antique jewellery shop in Leeds.

From there she then joined Ernest Jones and quickly rose through the ranks to become an assistant manager and a relief manager being sent to different places to run stores including an extended stay at one of their flagship stores in Edinburgh.

At this point, she also gained her diploma in Retail jewellery and a first year of gemology.  After leaving Ernest Jones, Maxine worked in multiple jewellery stores across Leeds giving her experience in dealing with all varieties of jewellery, and a knowledge of engraving work and giftware.

Nowadays Maxine works more behind the scenes focusing on buying and management.

Steve Silverman Frearsons Jewellers Belper

Steve Silverman

Steve is a working jeweller with 40 years’ experience. Starting fresh out of school as an apprentice in 1977, Steve made a name for himself doing repair work for a number of companies and in his years at the bench has amassed a level of practical knowledge and skill paralleled by few others. After years working for commercial workshops, he became self-employed in 1989, operating out of Rothwell, Headingly and Farsley and spending the years carrying out trade repairs for a large number of jewellers both in the West Yorkshire area and some from outside, including Frearsons. Having known Steve for over 10 years, when the Frearson family decided to sell the shop in 2007, Steve was their first choice to take it on. He gladly took the opportunity and has given the business a new lease of life.

Steve takes great enjoyment in all the work he does, from designing and handcrafting individual pieces featuring unique and unusual stones and designs; creating bespoke pieces to order for customers or repairing pieces brought to him. His greatest pleasure is taken in the repair process, taking something that is broken and unwearable often with sentimental value and returning it to its former glory, much to the pleasure of our customers.

Rosie Silverman Frearsons Jewellers Belper

Rosie Silverman (BSc)

Rosie is part of the second generation working in the business. Having grown up in and around jewellery and workshops it’s not surprising she has picked up an interest and knowledge of the subject. At 15, Rosie had her first job working in the business as an administrative assistant running the birthday voucher scheme that Frearsons provides. At 17, Rosie had the opportunity to move on and started working on the shop floor as a Saturday girl serving customers and gaining a good working knowledge of our stock and suppliers. At 18, Rosie took a break from working in the shop and headed to university where she spent 3 years gaining a 2:1 in her Chemistry degree.

After finishing her degree Rosie re-joined the business working dually between Frearsons, where she helps run the business behind the scenes in a management role and takes part in the buying process, and also works in her own business, Rosie’s Gift Store, where she curates a large range of high quality mostly pre-owned jewellery and watches, all of which we also have on display in store.

Sam Silverman Frearsons Jewellers Belper

Sam Silverman

Sam is also part of the second generation in the business and has also grown up in workshops from a young age. Sam started working at Frearsons at the age of 15 with a Saturday job, helping out and learning about the business. After finishing his A-levels Sam joined the business full-time and has focused mainly on watches and spends a large portion of his time changing batteries and completing some watch repairs.

While most of his time is spent working on watches he has a real passion for the jewellery aspect and enjoys taking every opportunity to get on the bench and experiment with his own self-taught techniques and those picked up from Steve.

In his own work, Sam draws inspiration from the natural world often working with different metals, exotic hardwoods and feathers. He is also skilled in the art of enamelling, enjoying the intricacy of the work, creating unique pieces depicting portraits or blending colours to evoke a more natural, elemental theme.